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We will fix anything computer related!


PC HelpStation is the only leading online support center where you will get live certified professional help with your computer and any related peripherals 24/7 at a personal care level provided by no one else in the industry.

Why buy software that only takes care of some of your problems when you can have PC HelpStation take care of all your problems at once?

Here are some of the basic services we are able to provide regardless of the service plan you use:

  • Resolution of your complex printer issues
  • Remote installation of all popular licensed software
  • Remote configuration of hardware drivers & updates
  • Remote installation of windows updates & patches
  • Remote tune up of Windows using cleaner software for faster performance
  • Fix all Windows & MAC issues (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and OSX)
  • Computer software & hardware Installations repairs, updates & configurations
  • Password reset walkthrough guidance for windows
  • Detection and removal of viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, rootkits & adware
  • Support for all popular anti-virus software
  • Setup & scheduling of automated backup on internal or external drives
  • iPad, iPhone and Tablet issue resolution
  • Recover lost documents, files, pictures, data, & music from hard disk
  • Fix almost any kind of corrupted file
  • Image creation of boot partition for emergency restoration situations
  • Cleaner, regcleaner, dllcleaner, dupfilecleaner optimization
  • Total PC Optimization to speed up your PC so software works faster
  • Optimize to speed up boot time & reduce CPU usage
  • Optimize to increase space on your hard disk
  • Checking system files for any corruption by system file checker
  • Full computer application and important file data backup
  • Creation of recovery disks and CDs
  • File format conversions into usable formats